Thursday, January 8, 2009

Growing and changing...

We can't believe how much Evelyn has been growing and changing lately! Everyone warned us about this, but until you are experiencing it yourself, you really don't believe it. Brian and I both thought that Evelyn looked really different the other day, so we got the camera out & took a few photos.

Although she still has tons of hair on top of her head, you can see she's lost quite a bit off the back and sides! But, it's slowly growing back in.

She's enjoying the toys she got for Christmas from Santa, family & friends. She's able to sit up on her own (well, we sit her up, but she does all the work to stay up!) and move her toys about--throwing them this way and that, then reaching to pick them up again. She does eventually get tired out and flops backwards, so we try to keep her Boppy pillow behind her or we sit with her so she doesn't bang her head on the floor!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how different just from when you were home! She is so damn cute! that little hat...who made it? Oh boy is mom gonna love spending the week with her! She's already said she'll be staying in all the heat and away from the cold. Miss you!

Julie said...

OMG. She is so cute. I absolutely love the last one. That is one to print and put up. Hope you are staying warm. The news down here said that steam is coming of L. Superior because it is so cold. Holy Wah!
Love and miss you!