Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mackinac Island 2009

Evelyn tried on a few hats at the toy store!

We just took our annual trip to Mackinac Island with the Gwinn Middle School Student Council. We had a large group this year--35 students, 17 adults, one kindergartner and one infant! We met up at Gwinn Middle School at 7am Friday and drove to St. Ignace to catch the Starline Ferry at 12 noon. Once we got to the island, we checked in to the Murray Hotel (downtown), and then headed off for a carriage tour of the island. We enjoyed dinner in the Murray Hotel Garden Room Friday and Saturday nights, as well as breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings. The group walked over the Fort Mackinac on Saturday morning, despite the cold, windy and rainy weather and were able to see rifle and cannon demonstrations as well as tour the historic buildings in the fort. Saturday evening the kids were treated to an evening walk up past the Grand Hotel to see the Mackinac Bridge lit up for the evening. We caught the 11:30 am ferry back to St Ignace on Sunday morning and headed home to Gwinn.
The mom's taking photos of the students!
Our "biker" moms--they heard that the Zoo de Mackinac bike racers would be on the island Saturday evening to celebrate the end of their bike race and wanted to fit in--we had to break it to them that they were thinking of the wrong kind of bikes! But we sure had some good laughs while they tried to talk to us with their fake teeth in!
Evelyn fell asleep at Fort Mackinac
View from Fort Mackinac
Evelyn under cover in the rain Saturday morning
Smiley Evelyn on our bed in the Murray Hotel--we had a beautiful room with a jacuzzi tub in the bath!
The Michigan Governor's Summer Residence
Evelyn had fallen asleep on the carriage tour and was still sleeping when we arrived at Arch Rock--we had our friends take a photo of us anyway!
Evelyn window shopping--she really wanted that stuffed deer!
Evelyn checking out a special horse shoe for the island horses.
The Grand Hotel--I've had the privilege of staying there twice for a women's retreat with my mom, sister and mother-in-law. I highly recommend you experience it at least once in your life! The meals are to die for!
Evelyn looking like she's not quite sure what to make of the carriage ride!

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Kathleen said...

I'm telling you she takes after Auntie Ann, the child looks good
in any kind of hat.

Grandma "P"