Thursday, June 18, 2009

Changing daily...

I just can't believe how quickly this year has gone by! Evelyn is growing before our eyes--what happened to my tiny little baby??? It's crazy to hold her on my lap and think about how tiny she was when she was born and how she spills over my lap now! While I do miss her early newborn days (ok--maybe not the sleep deprivation part), I'm really enjoying each age/stage with her. It is so amazing to watch her learn new things everyday.

Evelyn finally started to move around in her sleep. We occasionally find her on her tummy with her bottom in the air! Too cute! She's also becoming attached to her stuffed Monkey (after some online searching, we finally figured out that he's a Ty Babies "Pluffies" named "Dangles", but we'll keep calling him "Monkey" until Evelyn names him otherwise!) We are searching for another Monkey to have as a back up and to switch out ocassionally for cleaning purposes. Evelyn is also growing out of wanting to be rocked to sleep everynight (yes, I am shedding tears--this has been my favorite part of the day, even through the sleep deprivation days.) After putting on her jammies and giving her a bottle, she's ready to lay in her crib with Monkey and listen to her lullaby CD and fall asleep on her own. As long as we are watching for her sleep queues, this usually goes pretty smoothly every night.

We've also invested in a baby gate to help limit the areas she has access to, especially the short flight of stairs between our kitchen and family room. I followed her crawling one day to see what she would do at the steps and it was as if she didn't even notice them--she would have tumbled straight down if I hadn't been there! The baby gate is working out quite well and we have the ability to move it to other doorways whenever we need to. Evelyn loves to pull herself up on the gate and then cruise over to another piece of furniture. The gate is working nicely to corral Sam too!

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