Saturday, September 27, 2008

Auntie Ann, Presque Isle and Frosty Treats!

Evelyn and Presque Isle deer

Oh oh! Look out!

Evelyn sleeping at the Lookout!

Presque Isle sunset.

Auntie Ann and Evelyn near sunset point.

Auntie Ann arrived on Friday afternoon and will spend the next 10 days with us! She'll be babysitting Evelyn when Lara returns to work next week.

We're trying to get some fun in this weekend. Friday evening we drove around Presque Isle and then took a walk around Presque Isle. We made sure to stop near Sunset Point to enjoy the brief sunset.

Then it was on to Frosty Treats for an ice cream. This is the last weekend they'll be open for this season. Sadly, this was our first trip there this summer!


Kathleen said...

I just love these updated! Who is that big girl? Is that really my baby?

I can't wait to get up there and to babysit for her. I am prepared to go to bed early so I can have the energy it takes to be in charge of a HAPPY 3 month old. I have been practicing power naps while here at the cottage this weekend. Love to all four of you...and Sam too.

Hey Sammy, I hear you're starting to walk like a big boy, or should I say a big brother?

Grandma "P"

Kathleen said...

Oops...I meant I love these UPDATES! No way to edit typos on the comment side.

Grandma "P"