Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Brother

From the moment we came home with Evelyn, Sammy has been adapting. He still does not know exactly what to make of her, but he is getting more and more comfortable with Evelyn in the house. Right now, he really wants her to grow up so he can have someone to get into trouble with.

I sat Evelyn down with Sam to see how he would react. Don't worry, I am right there beside them keeping a close eye on everything...not that I needed to worry. To have a dog with teeth larger than your baby's fingers, nails longer than her toes, and a weight close to 7 times her own -to know that he will be her friend and protector is a wonderful thing. Not only are we blessed with a beautiful daughter, we have a great dog/friend/big brother in Sammy.

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Marcia said...

Oh, I LOVE this pic! How sweet.