Sunday, October 26, 2008

I had to snap this photo of Evelyn awake in her car seat! Auntie Ann and Uncle James sent her this adorable out fit--love the ears on the hood!
Evelyn has been trying out her Bumbo seat and seems to like it. We have a tray to attach and will do that soon so she can play with some toys.

Evelyn hanging out with "Spunky" the dog (my grandma had a cat named Spunky, so cousin Beth picked this up for Evelyn!)
Evelyn smiling away while playing on one of her blankets. Her cute sweater was knitted by Grandma Rice.


Marcia said...

They just don't make babies any cuter than that one! She's getting big so fast.

Ryanne Grace Elizabeth said...

I like your outfit. It's very cute, but only because you're wearing it. Like me, you make anything look good. I'm glad your mommy knows the latest fashion. Keep it up.


Kathleen said...

Good Morning Evelyn,

Grandma is so happy to see you can stay awake in that car seat! Just remember, when in a moving car, ALWAYS choose to sleep. That is the best way to reach a destination and it is much easier on the person who is driving the car.

I love you!

Grandma "P"