Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How she's grown!

Thought it would be fun to have some comparison photos of Evelyn so you can see just how much she has grown! The first photo was taken at the Up North Lodge in July. The second photo was taken at the Up North Lodge on October 5th. She's certainly filling up the car seat now! We've had to adjust the straps a couple of times.

We'll be going to her 4 month checkup on November 7th (just a few days after her 4 month birthday on November 2nd.) Can't wait to see how long she is and her weight according to their scale!
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Kathleen said...

Does anyone own a photo of Evelyn in her car seat/carrier when she is awake? Well, I guess I do if you count the one I used in my blog, but that was a stroller walk...and she had just woke up! We'll hang on to that one.

Mom/Grandma "P"