Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Beams Family Christmas

We had the Beams Family Christmas on December 23rd at Aunt Marcia' and Uncle Bruce's house. While it is wonderful to have everyone together, this year was extra special as we had Aunt Jan, Uncle Randy and Keanu here from Hawaii! Keanu and Evelyn hit it off right away and have become great friends. He even gave Evelyn the first gift she has ever opened in her life! It took Evelyn a few moments to figure out what was going on, but once she did...ooooh, boy! Even her eyes got big as she started to tear at the paper. Of course, she is still more interested in the paper than in what the actual present is, but it is good fun. Christmas day should be a good time!

Evelyn posing with a bow she got as a gift from Emmye (see video above of her opening gift!)

Evelyn with ALL of the bows in her hair!

Back view of ALL the bows!

Grandpa Beams, Randy and Jan Maxedon

Grandma Beams and Evelyn

Emmye and Evelyn

Evelyn and her new buddy, Keanu!
(Notice that Keanu shared one of his favorite gifts of the night with Evelyn! In the first picture, you can see his Webkins Eagle behind his back. In the second picture, Evelyn is holding it. We didn't realize this until after we posted these pictures on the site. Thank you Keanu for helping teach Evelyn about sharing and the true meaning of Christmas!)

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