Friday, August 29, 2008

Sam's vacation

Sam and Jager wrestling on the porch

Sam just checking things out

Murphy checking out Evelyn

Cooper is very happy to see Sam

Excited dogs as David arrives home from work

So Sam gets his turn on the blog. He had an exciting vacation too. He was able to wrestle for five days with his buddy Jager (who belongs to the Milewskis.) Jager originally taught Sam how to wrestle two years ago and Jager was the dominate dog. This year, Jager was surprised by Sam's dominance and ran away a few times!

Next Sam was able to stay with his cousins, Cooper and Murphy. He was in 7th heaven! David and Becka have a large fenced in yard so the dogs can really run around and chase each other. Sam also wrestled with Murphy quite a bit over the week. Since we've been home, I think he's a little down in the dumps and missing his doggy friends. We'll have to schedule a playdate with the Golden Retrievers next door soon.

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