Thursday, August 28, 2008

On to Grosse Pointe Farms

Aunt Becka and Evelyn (looking so serious!)

Uncle David holding Evelyn

Grandma and Evelyn on the porch

Grandpa and Evelyn snuggling

After our visit with John & Julie, we headed to Lara's parents' house in Grosse Pointe Farms. Grandma and Grandpa couldn't believe how much Evelyn had changed in the two weeks since they left our house!

On our way to G.P.F., we stopped off in Oak Park at Uncle David and Aunt Becka's house. Sam stayed with them and their two dogs, Cooper and Murphy, since Grandpa Tom is recovering from back surgery (Sam has a way of getting under your feet and trying to trip you!) We spent a nice evening with David and Becka, hanging out and having dinner at Anita's Kitchen on Woodward (excellent food and atmosphere.)

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